Secrets de Cuisine – Antibes based course

As at today’s date the 2nd December 2014 there is only one place chefs can sit the Ships’ Cook Certificate Assessment.

This is in Antibes in France at Secrets de Cuisine which is offered by Bluewater

South Shields College in NE England also will be running their own assessment and details will be posted to this blog as soon as we have them.

For info on the Antibes based course visit

Cedric at Secrets de Cuisine will answer any questions you have about the course but read our info page on what to expect.

As of today’s date around 30% of chefs doing the assessment are failing.. We would recommend that you seriously look at doing the 

Ships cook certificate preparation course if you are unsure about taking the assessment without any preparation… 


You are being assessed on the two and a half days on your technical skills and knowledge, your management of the galley/kitchen and your knowledge of HACCP and Food Safety. This is not a test of your ability to cook owner’s food but of ensuring a minimum standard for cooking food and taking care of crew in accordance with the ILO and MLC2006.


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