Ships’ Cook Certificate – Secrets de Cuisine syllabus

Taken from the website at  here is the syllabus:


As per MSN 1846 annex 2 the syllabus is the following :


Written exam syllabus

Health and safety in catering in the maritime industry
  • Understand the importance of health and safety in the maritime industry
  • Be able to identify hazards in the catering workplace onboard ship
  • Understand how to control hazards in the workplace
  • Understand how to maintain a healthy and safe workplace
Kitchen operations, costs and menu planning
  • Describe the organisation of a kitchen
  • Plan and prepare menus for catering operations
  • Demonstrate awareness of basic costs associated with the catering industry
  • Apply the basic calculations used in catering operation
Applying work place skills
  • Be able to maintain personal presentation
  • Be able to work effectively with co workers customers and colleagues
  • Be able to prepare for a job application 
  •  Be able to produce a plan to develop skills 
Healthier foods and special diets
  • Understand how to plan and provide special diets
  • Outline current governement nutritional guidelines for healthy diets 
Cultural and religious catering requirements
  • Undersatnd how to plan and provide dietary requirement for people from different cultural and religious backgrounds 
Dietary requirements of shift workers
  • Understand how to plan and provide the dietary requirements for shift workers 

Practical exam for cookery

Prepare and cook soups ans sauces
  • Prepare and cook stocks 
  • Prepare and cook soups 
  • Prepare and cook sauces 
Prepare and cook fruit and vegetables
  • Prepare fruit and vegetables 
  • Cook fruit and vegetables 
Prepare and cook meat and offal
  • Prepare meat and offal 
  • Cook meat and offal 
Prepare and cook poultry
  • Prepare poultry
  • Cook poultry 
Prepare and cook fish and fish and shellfish
  • Prepare fish and shellfish
  • Cook fish and shellfish 
Prepare and cook rice, pasta, grains and egg dishes
  • Prepare and cook rice 
  • Prepare and cook pasta 
  • Prepare and cook grains 
  • Prepare and cook eggs 

Practical exam for pastry and bakery

Prepare and cook desserts and puddings
  • Prepare hot and cold desserts and puddings 
  • Demonstrate how to cook and finish hot and cold desserts and puddings 
Prepare and cook bakery products
  • Prepare paste, biscuits, cake and sponge products 
  • Cook and finish paste, biscuits, cakes and sponge products 
  • Prepare fermented dough 
  • Cook and finish fermented dough products 

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